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Genesis / Detail of Mah Norah Hamakom Hazeh Mosaic
Temple Beth Elohim, Wellesley MA 
Stained glass, natural stone, handmade ceramic tile
7. TBE_Genesis

The rivers of blue stained glass and mirror are composed to create different types of movement symbolizing the Jewish journey. One section is a spiral, representing Genesis and origins. The middle sections cross through the Torah, representing the Jewish journey in relation to learning and religion. Ultimately the pieces move beyond the edges of the artwork, representing a continuing journey across time and generations. 

The mixing of materials here is complex. The thickness of the stone is thicker than the stained glass, so each piece of glass has a matching clay base built to raise the surface. A numbering system is used to match the clay bases to their glass surfaces, then the blue glass was reinstalled into the overall composition. 

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