Sukkat Shalom Mosaic / Shelter of Peace
The Rashi School, Dedham MA
Created in Honor or Yitzak Rabin
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The Sukkat Shalom mosaic is a symbol of The Shelter of Peace for the Rashi School.


The design has several notable features.


The tallit draped along the top provides a protective canopy. The central archway depicts the combination of Jewish culture, religious education and academics. The scene on the left side presents images of Tzedakah, and outreach by Rashi into the local community. The scene on the right side presents images connecting to Israel. 

This mosaic was commissioned by the Rashi School to commemorate Yitzak Rabin. It occupies the central meeting space for the school. It is made of glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, and shards of pottery from Israel. 


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